Exhibition Planning

Inter Expo Inc offers a full range of professional organizer services for domestic and international exhibitions, space & booth design.
We take pride in providing these fully-integrated services at all levels.
relations services, analysis of event results & visitor data, corporate promotional media, and
trade fairs, conferences and special events as well as marketing & public

Domestic/Overseas Exhibition
Planning & Organizing

Overseas Exhibition Agency

- Target : China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East etc.
- Industry : Energy, SMART Solution, Utility etc,

Promotion event Planning

- Exhibition, Investment Bridfing, Domestic & Overseas Road Show, Opening Ceremony, Business Conference, Networking Party etc.
- Domestic/Overseas Exhibition, Event, Intemational Conference

Media Promotion

- Producing PR Materials
- Product PR Marketing, Press Conference

Alliance Partner - Global Mice Experts Group


Exhibition booth design & construction

Design and construction consists of the following steps

Design Request


Data collection

Exhibition plan & Design

3D Design
2D Design
Budget appropriation

Determine & Contract

CAD Design


Construction of Structure
Electricity & Graphic structure
Equipment & AV rental
P.M Management

Open & Close

P.M Management

Space to Space Service

Space to Space Service is the customer service that aims to customer on-time Safety delivery,
from the perspective of the exhibition involved parties(exhibitor, organizer, and etc)

International Exhibition Logistic Agency

01. Provision of shipping guidelines and required documents
02. Suggestion of the best transport plan and quotation
03. Suggestion of safe pickup and packing plan
04. Export & import declaration service
05. Cargo Insurance (all-risk) service
06. Transport (air, sea, road & rail)
07. Local customs clearance, transport and show site handling
(move-in & move-out)
08. Provision of one-step logistics services with local partners
09. Logistics consulting regarding returning and selling exhibition goods
(transport, customs clearance & storage)
10. Continus feedback on the entire process of exhibition logistics

Domestic Exhibition Logistics Agency

01. Optimized transport and operation depending on the nature
of each cargo
02. Close cooperation among international exhibition agents
03. Operation with exhibition-speciakized customs brokers and
boned transporters
04. Support every equipment and work needed for booth move-in and
05. Empty boxes storage during exhibition and redelivery to the boot
after exhibition
06. Shipping back to any area/country you want after exhibition